potting tables

Potting table is a table that has functionality flowerpot. This table is usually used when land in the soil in your garden or yard has been limited. The differences this table with the other table is located on the placement of tables, table design and function in general. If the other table is usually used as a desk, dining tables, decoration table and other tables as needed are placed in the room. But this table is very unique, because you can save this table anywhere depending on your need and depend on the material used of the table, you can put in the room or outdoor.

The Design of Potting Table

Pot storage table design is very different; the shape of this table can be rack containing several items of storage space. There is also a design like common table, but there is a special place as a storage flowerpot. Other design that is table with dam wide enough to keep the soil and at the bottom there is a perforation that serves as an area of water infiltration, so this table can used as a place to plant directly without using a pot plant. Moreover there is also a design that resembles the storage book shelves, but in part of the rack there is a perforation for storage flowerpot. The design of this table is simple but looks like classic and unique.

Selling Price of the Flowerpot Table

If you are interested for using this table, come on and hurry up buy this table in stores that specialize providing home furnishing such as furniture store. Or you can order the table it fit with the design you want. The price range for each piece of this table is Rp.100.000 to 20.000.000 per unit, could be even more expensive depending on the materials used and the design of your order or you select. Don’t hesitate to buy this table, because it would be very useful to help your garden, have a beautiful view.