square reclaimed wood coffee table

Reclaimed coffee table have their own antique and artistic pattern that enchanting the look of you house. Although the design is simple, it is great for the minimalist décor. The coffee table that mostly people used is wood’s materials. The older the woods the more vintage it will look. It comes great with the style of your contemporary modern house. But the older the wood, the price will be more high too. If you don’t have many budget for the reclaimed woods table that the store sales, you should consider making it on your own

Reclaimed Coffee Table DIY

There are many reclaimed material that can be used for your coffee table, like wooden door, old wardrobe or cupboard, fence planks, and the other more. Because the coffee table is usually smaller than dining table, you don’t need big reclaimed items. You need to be creative and add some glass or ropes to complete the vintage look. For the fence planks, it is easier to make coffee table. You just need to arrange the planks and put some wood’s paint to cover the planks and make it just like brand new items. Add some stools for suspension and put the fresh flowers on the vase on top of it. It will make your room looks more attentive without the need to spend a lot of money in building that.

Maintaining the Reclaimed Items

You should be careful when choosing what reclaimed items you want to make into your new coffee table. If the wood’s material that you choose doesn’t look great, you should consider painting it first, to prevent the fungus from growing and damage the already old items for reclaiming it. And pay attention to the cleaning product you use for the reclaimed items. Therefore, your reclaimed items will be durable to be used in your house.