Caris Levert Right Foot Subtalar Dislocation: The Rare Best-Case Scenario

The Brooklyn Nets’ guard Caris Levert suffered a brutal looking foot/ankle injury during the team’s eventual 120-113 loss to the Timberwolves this past Monday. The injury looked to be a severe setback for a player in Caris Levert who was enjoying a breakout season in his third year.

However, after being taken to the hospital and testing, the Nets’ medical staff diagnosed Caris Levert with a right foot subtalar dislocation with no fractures and moderate ligament damage. Further, they were quite confident he would be back this season.  It’s the rare best case scenario.

In the following video, I detail:

  • What a subtalar dislocation is
  • How rare and fortunate of an injury it is
  • The timetable for return
  • Any long-term risks for Caris Levert

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads:

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