coffee table trays

Coffee table tray is unique and fascinating. As you know that coffee table is commonly used for living room. Then, there are a lot of designs for coffee table include the tray style. If you heard about tray, you must think about the shallow and flat container with raised rim. So, it is also the design of tray coffee table. It is also available in various designs.

Coffee table tray ideas

You can choose a design for tray coffee table based on the material or color. Mostly, the tray top is made of varnished wood for rustic look or painted wood for modern decor. However, there are some materials such as metal to create classic design or solid plastic like acrylic for chic and minimalist room decor. You can choose the design that is most matched with the interior d├ęcor.

Benefit of tray top for coffee table

Unlike the other regular coffee table that has flat top surface, the tray table top is designed with raised lip. It will create a container in shallow level to put the stuffs on it. This design gives you an advantage which is to detain a spill of any objects like liquid before it drops to the floor. So, it is really beneficial, especially if you use carpet flooring.