black manicure table

Manicure tables are very important for all nail artists. Therefore, it becomes the main equipment that must be provided in a nail salon. If you love to have manicure or nail art at your favorite salon, you must familiar with the table for manicure. For the nail technicians, the table must be designed as great as possible to give a comfortable for them work and the clients too. Besides, each technician has different taste and style for the table design. However, the important things for the table is enough space for working and for storing some tools like table lamp and the others equipment.

Manicure Tables Design Ideas

If you need wide space to work and store the tools on the top, you can choose a long table or letter L design to provide you spacious room. Then, for more attractive look, the decorative curved table top might enhance the room d├ęcor. This artsy design is fit for you who love aesthetic look. However, if you are a neat person, small table with enough space and simple design of glass top can be a good choice. You can store the equipment and the polish to the closet separated from the table for neat look when it is not used.

Storage Ideas for Manicure Desk

The storages are important since a nail technician need a lot of tools and equipment to work. To make you easier to reach what you need, the table can be designed with storages beneath the table top. A wide drawer on the front side with many divided spaces inside can be good option. You can get all the tools you need that are stored in the drawer. Then, some drawers of small cabinet style on the table sides are also great to provide you extra storages. Then, if the table enough, you can put a small rack on it to store some stuffs.