patio table replacement glass

Glass patio table is one of furniture for backyard. Patio designs are also available for dinner table. Table patio with glass make this furniture set more beautiful. There are many designs for glass patio such as modern and classic model. Modern model usually has modern shape design. It uses single color for the table set such as chairs and table. Classic model usually use wood as material for based table. This table designs also has various shape of glass table such as round shape and square shape.

Round shape designs of glass patio table

A table glass with round shape is suitable for minimalist table. It is simple and beautiful. For romantic garden designs, it is very appropriate to use. This round table glass is available in various size and amount of chairs. There is patio table with four chairs and two chairs.

Square shape glass patio furniture set

For family dining table, square shape patio table may become right choose for family home furniture. Its square shape can be used for many people. It is suitable furniture for family gathering. Glass as table board makes it more interesting and it has beauty appearance of glass patio table.