distressed coffee table set diy


Distressed coffee table is the good table for your small living room. There are so many kinds of tables available in the furniture stores that can be chosen for your coffee table. One of the tables which are awesome and simple is the distressed one. This kind of table is the suitable table for the small living room. Not only can be placed on the living room, this kind of table can also be placed in the backyard gazebo.

Vintage Wooden Distressed Coffee Table

Having a coffee room in vintage style is good. The vintage style will remind you about the old memories that you have. Remembering about your childhood while enjoying your coffee will reduce your stress. Are you wonder how to make your vintage coffee room looks more beautiful? You can use the vintage wooden distressed table to be placed in your coffee room.

Complete The Distressed Table with the Low-high Wooden Chairs

If choose the distressed table, then you cannot place the random chairs to complete your coffee room. The distressed table is usually has the low high. You can imagine how weird the table will look likes if you place the high chairs around. Then, choose the low-high chairs will be the perfect choice to complete the distressed table.