impressive makeup vanity table

Makeup vanity table is commonly provided in a bedroom. Then, it is available in various design ideas based on the materials, colors, and decorations. Besides, the table is also always completed with a mirror. This table is furniture that must be provided in a girl room. It is used for the space of makeup appliance, jewelry and accessories storage.

Makeup vanity table design adjusted with room space

First, you must choose the table size that is fit to your room space.  If you have spacious room, you can choose a table with winged drawers. The table is designed with legroom between the drawers under the table top. It will give you more storage to put your stuffs. Then, for a small room, console table style is an alternative. The table can be completed with a single drawer beneath the top.

Mirror design for vanity table

Commonly, the vanity table has been completed with an attaching mirror. However, you can choose the mirror design to make the table more fascinating. For spacious look, you can choose the mirror with partial style, which is a big mirror in the middle with two smaller ones at the other sides. Then, the shape of mirror is varied like square, round, and many more.