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Features and Types of Butcher Block Table

antique butcher block table

Butcher block table is made of a concrete block wood. The thickness is more than common table because it used to slices a meat. Block wood is needed for this table. When we cut or slice meat such as cow meat or chicken, we need meat knife that has big sized and need strong power. By using this table, meat slicing will be easier. A strong table is required for meat table. It is based on above reason. This table is available in various types and features.

Wood types for butcher block table

There is certain wood that can be used to make butcher table. Hard wood texture is required to make butcher table. The types of woods are teaks wood, pines wood, walnut and any hard wood. This wood is cut in square shape and its thickness is soupy. So, the table strength can be seen from its wood texture and thickness.


Butcher table features

Butcher table is completed by certain features such as drawer box and table based model. Common butcher table is usually equipped with single drawer. This drawer is very useful to safe meat knife and other equipment. There is also butcher table with double drawer box.

diy butcher block table

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