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Flexible Round Cocktail Table

round cocktail table with 4 ottomans

Round cocktail table is a kind of flexible table. What does it means? It means that you can use the table for any occasion. Have you known this table? If you have not known the table, I will explain it. This table has a round shape. This is suitable with the name. Then, this table has four legs. However, each leg will not be higher than other. This means that this is a kind of smaller table. Besides that, you need to see Japanese table. This table is quietly same with the Japanese table. However the shape is different from that. The Japanese table will have rectangle shape.

The using of round cocktail table

There are some occasions where you can use this table. For the first is in the coffee shop. Some people make their coffee shop without chairs. What does it means? It means that there are no chairs in the coffee shop. This is mostly used by the coffee shop which has garden theme. For the second, you can use this table in the bar. However, the bar will not be like another bar.  There are no chairs for this. For the last is in the restaurant. Usually, there are some restaurants which have used this table.

Details on this cocktail table

There are some details which can be used in this table. For the first is carving. Carving here can be full or not full. Full carving will have carving on the table. Non full carving will have details on the legs of the table. For the second is no detail table. What does it means? It means that there is no detail on the table. In other word, you will have plain table. Then, there is also round table with glass. This is usually used in the house.

rafferty round cocktail table

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