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Flower Box Ideas using Some Old Boxes

planter box flower ideas

Flower box ideas can be one nice idea to have if you want to have the nice looking flower garden on the limited space. That is because you will not need a lot of space for planting all of those beautiful flowers that you love. However, some people need to face a problem that they have to buy the boxes for planting the flowers. If you want, you can use the old boxes for the media.

Flower Box Ideas with the Used Boxes

Many of you will surely be able to find many used boxes in your house. This can be the cheapest thing that you can get for the media to plant all of those flowers that you love. For the size of the box, you just need to choose one that is not too small since to grow well, a flower also need a little bit of space to breath.

The Nice Looking Used Flower Box

If you want to have the nicer looking used box, you can simply paint the used box with some colorful colors. This will make the used boxes look like the new one. At least, the boxes will not look like the old one that is not worth to use. Therefore, you should try to give a new paint for the old boxes.

planter box flower ideas

Gallery For Flower Box Ideas using Some Old Boxes

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