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Garage Design Ideas for Two Cars

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Garage design ideas for two cars might be the one that you are looking for if you want to buy a new car. That is because the design of garage for one car and two cars should be different to make sure the comfort of the driver while they have to put in or out the car from the garage.

Garage Design Ideas without Separator

If you want to have one big garage, then you just need the extra space for the garage. You will not need to add the wall on the centre of the garage as the separator. However, when you are using this kind of garage design, you will need to make sure that the door to the garage will fit both cars. That is because some people are using the single door on the centre so that they need a little effort when they want to park the car.

Two Cars Garage Design with Separator

If you want something that is simpler, you can simply build a wall on the centre of the garage. With that, you will be able to know exactly the limit for each car. However, when you are building the wall as the separator for the garage, you will need to make sure that both rooms will fit the space required for both cars.

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