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Leapfrog Table with Attractive Games and Nice Designs

leapfrog activity table

Leapfrog table is really great furniture for your kids. Kids or toddlers, at their age still love to play very much. However, you also need to choose the toys that can give them great entertainment, but also something that they can learn from it. Leapfrog product is such a learning table that provides some games. The attractive but simple games that are really fit for the kids can stimulate their motoric sense and creativity. This table is also made of lightweight and safe material that makes the parents unworried to let their kids to play. Besides various games, the table is also available in many nice designs.

Various Games on Leapfrog Table

The games of leapfrog’s product are commonly fit for the kids with the age around six years old. The attractive visual look and sound from the games make the kids excited to play. There is musical game through the little piano that can produce some different sound when the kids press each keyboard. Then, to stimulate kids’ motoric sense, there are some different holes on the table within plastic toys. The kids can try to put the toy in the hole with same shape. Besides, there is also reader tag that can help your kids learning to read.

Attractive Table Designs

The table is made of plastic synthetic material that is safe for the kids. Then, to attract their attention, the table is designed in colorful look. The different bright colors are really loved by the kids. The games on the table are also chosen in various colors to create a captivating look. The table’s height is really fit for the toddler to play it while standing. Moreover, the top of table that is designed with some games even can be removed, so your kids can play it while sitting on the carpet.

leapfrog activity table

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