little tikes easy store picnic table with umbrella

Little tikes table can be a great gift for your kid. To choose a present for your kid’s birthday can be a little bit confusing because you need to find a toy that should give learning point too. Tikes table might be a good option you can choose. This table is designed with colorful design and made of safe plastic synthetic material that is lightweight. Your kids can use this table for any functions like studying, playing, or even dining. With the attractive design of this table, the kids must love to do activities with her friends on the table.

Attractive Little Tikes Table Designs

The table can be designed like regular style of picnic table look. Besides, there is a special design to put some certain games like playing the sands, toy car race and many more. The regular table is better to be chosen, because you can put any kinds of games there. Moreover, the table is completed with some shelves or racks at right and left side to store the toys. The picnic table style is designed like a regular picnic table with two benches on two sides facing against that are attached to the table. Some of them even are completed with cute umbrella on the middle of table to give a real atmosphere of picnic.

Several Functions of Tikes Table

As you know that this table is a playing space for the kids so that you can put any games on it, so the kids can play it with their friends. Besides, it also can turn into a desk for the kids to study. The small chairs will be fit to the table’s height, so the kids can sit comfortably. The decorative racks aside can be used as toys’ storages. Then, the kids also can enjoy the meal on it, especially if you choose the picnic table kind for Tikes table.