Explaining Markelle Fultz Free Throw Through the Lens of Pain Science

Markelle Fultz Free Throw Form Video:

In the last week, Markelle Fultz free throw has had some variation to say the least. Against Miami he was double clutching and against Utah he flicked the ball back and forth between his hands as he brought the ball up towards his release.

When I first saw the double clutch, I was a little puzzled and thought he was regressing in his progression. However, after seeing the new side to side technique, I believe I’m starting to connect the dots because the latter is a common technique in both pain and movement science.

I’m encouraged by this development because it’s an overt sign that he’s trying to address the underlying cause – which Brett Brown hinted at in a closed door meeting in January, referring to psychomatic issues with ESPN’s Doris Burke and Mark Jones. After Fultz got upset, Coach Brown and ESPN naturally retracted the comments. Months before any of that, I wrote a piece on Markelle Fultz and why his situation could be explained very well by pain science.

Now I created a video follow-up to that piece.

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