Mercury Periodic Table With Mercury Periodic Table Mercury Periodic Table Facts


Mercury Periodic Table is located in the group 12, period 6, and block D. The symbol of this element is “Hg” for “Hydragyrum” which means water silver. The classification of this element is for transition metal. The atomic number and weight of mercury is 80 and 200.59. The date when it is known in the earth is from the ancient Chinese and Hindus. Mercury atom has been found in the Egyptian tombs for about dating 1500 B.C. The name of mercury comes from the association of Mercury planet and the use in alchemy. The mercury alchemical symbol is the same as the planet and the metal. The symbol of “Hydragyrum” comes from the Latin language.

The Characteristic of Mercury Periodic Table

The mercury has its own characteristic. Mercury is a dense substance which has the appearance like a mirror and has the white silver color, this substance is poisonous. The mercury is the one of the substances that is liquid at the room temperature; it evaporates at the room temperature slowly. The other substances that can be liquid in the room temperature are francium, cesium, and gallium. Mercury relative stable in the dry air, but if it is in the moist air, it will tarnish become a gray oxide coating. It has a high tension in the surface, then if it spill, it will break up into many small beads.

The Uses of Mercury

Mercury is commonly used in the manometer and barometer because of the high density of the mercury characteristic. The metal element of mercury is also used in the thermometer, because it has a high rate that is nearly the thermal expansion. Mercury is highly used when making the advertisement signs, a mercury switch, and many others the apparatus of electric. It may be found as the mercury vapor lamp in the street lighting and others.