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Mirrored Table Comes with Luxury and Elegant Look

mirror table

Mirrored table is elegant. If your house’s interior is designed in modern look, to decorate it with table in mirror design is a right choice. Besides, this table is fit for any rooms, from the living room to the bedroom. Then, it also can be design options for any tables like dresser, console table, nightstand, or coffee table. Moreover, this table style is available in a lot of designs.

Mirrored table designs

The table decorated with mirror is not fully made of mirror. The mirror is used as decorative cover on the other materials, mostly the woods. The mirror covers all surfaces of the table from the top, drawers to the legs. Furthermore, for some designs, the mirror is not only merely adhered, but also carved. The carving details enhance the design and make the table look more beautiful.

Benefit of table designed with mirror

You must agree that mirrored furniture come with luxurious, classy and elegant look. So, it is really great to make the room feel more exclusive. Then, the mirror can make the room look more spacious through its reflection look. The room will look airy and bright. Besides, the table is also fit to any color scheme, so you will be easy to combine it with any other furniture.

dazzling mirrored bedside table

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