irresistible tree stump side table

Tree stump table is a table that is made from wood material. It is a log wood that sometimes is not used as a table. Therefore, creative people make creative ideas that change unusual log wood becomes a table. The part of the table is taken from tree stump. The diameter in the tree stump is wider so that tree can be used as the table.

The use of tree stump table

You can use this table as usual function of table where sometimes you put your drink and food in the table. It is also no joke that the tree stump is a table because you can make the table by yourself using DIY project. To make this table, it only need tree stump. But before you make it as a table, you should clean the tree stump and throw away the dirt or stain from the tree stump.

The table with decoration

If you have a slice of tree stump, you can use tree stump but if the tree stump is too small as the table, you can use glass material which is put in the tree stump. There is also tree stump which is decorate dwell so you can use it to put the things as like as usual table.