Crochet child boy blanket – A tender and comfortable handmade blanket is a treasured present for a brand new child. Sadly, the method of crocheting a complete carpet could be time consuming. As a substitute of stitching the blanket, crochet a easy edge to a fleece baby blanket that conveys the identical message of thoughtfulness. To create this crochet border, the essential information of the right way to crochet is critical, together with expertise with single and double crochet stitches

Minimize polyester fleece measuring 45 inches sq..  Thread tapestry needle with heavy thread. Sew a whip sew alongside the sting of the fleece by sticking the needle each half inch, 1/four inch from the sting of the fleece. Insert hook within the first throw issues and chain three. Sew two double crochet baby boy blanket stitches in every throw issues alongside the sting of fleece, stitching 4 double crochet stitches on fleece corners.

Add or subtract double crochet stitches, if the edging begins to wrinkle or wave up. Preserve edging flat till the primary row of the sting is accomplished round fleece perimeter. Chain three and add a frayed edge to edge by working 5 double-crochets in a masks skipper a masks, a double crochet in subsequent sew, skip a masks. Repeat throughout the fleece, including two extra double crochet child boy blanket to the nook scallops.