guest bedroom design ideas

Pantry ideas are the ideas of the kind of storage that can be used to organize the kind of daily stuffs such as foods, kitchen equipments, until the wardrobe. The occasion of each pantry will be different depends on their function. If there is a big house, then it will be alright to create any kinds of pantry for organize, then it will be different if the house is pretty small, that you have to thinking out the box to make it proper without creating the crowded sense.

Pantry ideas for Kitchen

In the kitchen, actually it is necessary to be placed a pantry to storage any kind of kitchen stuffs neatly so that the kitchen view will be always tidy and convenient, you will also find it easy to do the activity in because of the free space of your kitchen that available without be placed any kind of kitchen stuffs there.

Pantry for Wardrobe

To create a pantry as the wardrobe function, you have to make the different appearance and design of pantry that will be suitable to save the wardrobe stuffs neatly. The design for the wardrobe pantry must be different with the kitchen and foods pantry, because the way it be used to storage stuffs will be different as well.

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