rectangle patio dining table

Rectangle dining table is a kind of flexible table. What does it means? It means that this kind of table is suitable to be used in any occasion. This table can be used both for café and house. Actually, in the last years ago, this table is only used for the house. However, some cafes now want to use this table. They usually adapt antique theme for the café. This is good to be used. Moreover you want to gather with friends. This is a big table. This can be used for more than six chairs.  This table usually used wood as the material of the table.

Rectangle dining table in a café

Some cafes just want to use this table. There are some reasons behind that. For the first is big. This table is a kind of big table. There will be more than six chairs in a table. This will give advantage for the café because they do not need to use more tables. Besides that, this will save the space in the café. For the second is unique. This table use wood as the material. The design of the table is also unique. You can use this if you adapt traditional or unique theme.

Modern rectangle table

Actually there are two types of this rectangle table. For the first is traditional table. Traditional table has simple design. However, the detail is good. Some people crave the wood to make the detail of this table. However, the shape of the table is the same. In other word, there will be no difference between old and now traditional rectangle table. For the second is modern. Modern rectangle dining table is better. The detail is less but the shape is the best. You can put some boards for your table leg.