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Refectory Table for Dining Room

refectory tables ideas

Refectory table can be used everywhere. What does it means? It means that this kind of table can be flexible table. This is caused by some things. For the first is the shape. As we know this table has rectangle shape. This will make you are easier to put this table. For the second is from the theme. This table has old time. Usually, old theme can be used in any occasion. Thus, you can use this table everywhere. For the last is the material used. Material which is used to build this table is wood. Wood can be used both for modern and traditional.

The using of refectory table in the real life

There are some occasions that you can use this table. For the first is in the house of course. If it is in the house, you can use it either for dining table or relax time. However the table for dining and table relax will be different. There are some differences. For the first is from the shape. The shape which is used will be different from both tables. The dining table will be longer than table for relax table. For the second is from the height. The relax table will be higher than dining table.

Shapes of Refectory

There are some kinds of shapes and details. This means that from the shape there are two kinds. For the first is smaller table. This is usually used for dining table. For the second is higher table. The higher table is usually used for the relax table. Then, the detail will be different also. The relax table usually has some details while the dining table will have no detail. The detail which is used in the dining table is simple. There is like a carving for example on the leg.

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