staircase wall ideas

Staircase ideas can be designed in many ways. However, the important of the staircase itself is about the design. Staircase must be designed with the best safety design where inside the house; there will be people who step up and down through the staircase. The safety design has an order to push away the accident which may be happened by the staircase design itself. Especially for those people who have kids, it is better to have the staircase which is specially design with proper safety shapes and surface.

Have the simple but artistic staircase ideas

Staircase is being the part of the house which has the specific function for people to live in inside the house. Then, using the staircase inside the house, we are also available to decorate it into a beautiful appearance. It can be the house decoration too. Have the simple one mixed with decorations will be good for the house appearance.

Simple staircase with multifunction feature

Simple staircase maybe good for helping people moving to the upper floor, however, staircase is also able to be the furniture. Wonder how? For example, a staircase must have lower part. And using the lower part space, we can make it as a shelf or even a book rack. As long as it is possible, why not?!

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