vintage paris bedroom decor


Paris bedroom decor can be the best way to heal your missing feeling to this beautiful and memorable country since you have to go abroad from France in your mean time. It does not need to be the fabulous one, so you can make your own DIY decoration to make it more enliven. Yet, there will be no similar decoration, since the decoration depends on your creativity. Well, are you ready to pour your creativity into the making process just now?

 Picture Combination for Paris Bedroom Decor

Even to enliven the memorable memory of Paris on your bedroom’s decoration, it does not have to use the pictures of you, or another expensive stuff to be printed. Thus, you can use the combination of picture of Paris that can be found easily on the magazine you brought from Paris. Just placed one empty space with medium sized white paper, and then pour your imagination and creativity on the white paper. To make it more fit, you better measuring the wall where to put the paper later.

 Detail in Bedroom Decor

Oh, well, do not forget to add some detail decoration which reminds you about Paris. Probably about the fresh weather, the green Maple leaves which turn into reddish on the autumn, silhouette of you in front of the beach, and other ideas. However, spend some money to buy miniature of Eiffel Tower will be perfect.

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