noguchi coffee table original uk


Noguchi coffee table is a kind of modern styled coffee table that firstly created in the 20th century. This coffee table was designed by a creative Japanese industrial designer named Isamu Noguchi in the United States. This particular table can be defined as one of the most attractive and innovative coffee tables that the people really love since many years ago. The unique design of the table has been the great thing that can attract them the most.

The Design of the Noguchi Coffee Table

The particular coffee table that was designed by Noguchi has been recognized to have the very distinctive characteristics which can be seen from the two identical curved wood pieces and a thick glass top. The two identical wood pieces are applied on the table well, which one of them will be applied reversed and connected to the other piece of the wooden base. Then, the great design of the wooden base will make the table so stable. So, the thick glass top, which can be identified as the best element to combine the extraordinary wooden base, can be placed on the table nicely without using any additional supports or connectors. Perhaps, this particular fact is the reason why this heavy and thick glass can definitely make the coffee table look so cool and elegant.

The Constructions of Noguchi Table    

Furthermore, the Noguchi table has been constructed using the best materials in its class. The base of the table was made of the high quality wood such as walnut, cherry, and birch. The cherry bases were produced only during the first year of the table being on the market. Then, during 1947 to 1954 the bases were made of birch. Moreover, the glass was also rumored to be reduced from 7/8” to 3/4” in 1965. So then, the height of the table could get increased from 15” to 15 ¾ “.