victorian kitchen decor

Victorian kitchen is one of kitchen theme that may suit your kitchen. Every family certainly wants a good- looking kitchen. Moreover, kitchen is one of the important parts of the home. Kitchen becomes one of the most visited spaces in your home. So, you must want to have a good designed kitchen. There are many choices of the kitchen designs. Victorian is one of them.

What are Victorian kitchen models?

This kitchen design appeared on nineteenth century, when Queen of England named Queen Victoria was reined. This kind of kitchen style is apparent from its sense of elegant, wealth, and royalty. These Victorian models need a large open kitchen. Victorian style is usually has a somber appearance. The colors that mostly apply are rich earth tones, just like deep greens, blues, reds, and browns such as the Victorian like a formal impression. But if do not like a somber look, you may combine it with brighter color palette.

How does this Victorian style look like?

Victorian style use plenty variety of the materials, such as brass, stone, wood, copper, and stained glass. Its kitchen cabinet is made from various kinds of woods. Its kitchen cabinets include of plush upholstery and drapery. This Victorian style looks elegant and royal.

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